Djuno uses AI to help you optimize IT infrastructure for better performance and lower costs

“Executives estimate that at least 30 percent of their cloud spending is wasted.”
-Forbes / State of the Cloud Report 2020

Djuno solutions are based on 3 key elements

  • Machine learning to generate predictions of infrastructure utilization and detect infrastructure and code anomalies.
  • Automation of the ongoing predictive cost analysis and recommendations.
  • Price discovery with live price comparison to find the best alternative solutions, providers and prices.

Dashboards and APIs

  • Past and predicted utilization
  • Past and predicted costs
  • Cost savings recommendation
  • Technology and platform agnostic
  • Works with all public clouds and
  • Any on-prem and hybrid IT infrastructure



  • Over-usage charges
  • Redundant resources
  • Underutilized infrastructure
  • Reactive scaling and orchestration


  • Optimized baseline
  • Lower or no over-usage charges
  • Optimized recourses, services, and pricing
  • Pro-active scaling and orchestration


Our services include the following steps

  • Analyze
    We gather data about current infrastructure utilization and pricing
  • Predict
    Our machine learning models predict future usage and costs
  • Optimize
    We present recommendations about IT architecture, services, providers, and billing options.
  • Monitor
    Our software continuously monitors utilization and prices to inform cost management decisions.


  • Cost reduction, 30% on average.
  • Performance, pro-active orchestration, efficient architecture.
  • Peace of mind, continuous monitoring and cost comparison.
  • Convenience, automation, integrated reporting, observability.

Why Us

We’re a team of seasoned business and IT professionals with deep experience in machine learning and cloud computing.

  • No risk. 100% satisfaction and no questions asked money back guarantee. 
  • Fast ROI. You’ll start seeing results from the next billing cycle. 
  • Transparency. You own all the data, research, and recommendations.
  • We’re independent, technology, and vendor agnostic. We only work for our clients, not a big cloud provider.
  • Proprietary technology including machine learning algorithms, pricing models, and ultra-efficient monitoring modules.