Djuno Portable IT Environments

The lack of IT infrastructure portability is a big problem for users of cloud services: they face excessive costs, limited choices and high barriers to switching and migration.

Our solution creates a portable IT environment for storage, processing, databases, compute and HPC (“omni-cloud”).

The difference of our approach is that for the first time we give users full control, ease of use (including hot migration), and a truly open infrastructure. Additionally, our users reduce their infrastructure costs by an average of 30%.

With Djuno, company’s IT environment becomes an asset and every piece of code is a reusable building block that can generate compound yield in the future (vs. a liability of technical debt and escalating costs of disposable code and inefficient infrastructure).

Please reach out if you have more questions, would like to schedule a demo or to request a free Docker image of the product. You can deploy it on your own infrastructure yourself and use it for free, forever.

We also offer flexible subscription plans and infrastructure management services.

A rough estimate per month or per year would be very helpful.


Djuno Stacks

Total freedom, flexibility and full ownership of your IT infrastructure, applications and data. You can run any service, from any repository on any infrastructure.

No more vendor lock-in with zero costs and zero hassle migration, including Portable Identity and Access Management. Lower, transparent costs and increased performance.

Faster development and deployment cycle. Easy, automated orchestration. Easy integration and full control with out-of-the-box APIs. Flexibility to shape the architecture to exactly match the business needs in terms of cost, tech stack, reliability, capacity, geographic location, regulatory compliance.

Use Cases

Djuno BI and Analytics

Monitor, optimize and manage infrastructure usage and costs
People who are responsible for costs and budgets are usually held hostage to limited technology stack, fragmented and opaque information about utilization and costs and talent constraints. Djuno monitors all the costs and utilization in one place, allows for full technology stack flexibility and frees up engineering time with automated deployment and orchestration.

Seamless migration
Once the decision is made not only to optimize the resources, but to partially or completely migrate, Djuno makes it easy, seamless and instant. All it takes is launching new nodes on the new infrastructure and killing the old nodes. Djuno takes care of the rest.

Create your own Platform as a Service
Djuno offers pre-configured services and environments, including out-of-the-box tools for coding in the cloud, code and APIs management, development, staging and production environment. Once set up, they can be used as a private PaaS with all its benefits, including rapid time-to-market, lower development costs, scalability, development for multiple devices / operating systems and no drawbacks, including no vendor lock-in.

Controlled Modernization
New products and applications can be developed, tested and deployed in completely encapsulated and isolated environments, separate from mission critical legacy systems. This reduces the cost, time and risk of innovation.

Data management, access and sharing
Fragmented data can be all consolidated and easily managed from a single dashboard without the need for costly and risky migration. Data can be shared internally and externally via APIs, with full access control and traceability.


  • Portable Identity and Access Management
  • BI and analytics dashboards
  • Alerts
  • Repositories integration
  • Automatic clusters orchestration
  • Network drives
  • Secrets
  • Monitoring and logs
  • Slack integration
  • Network management and load balancing
  • APIs


Managed Services
We install Djuno, audit the infrastructure, its health and utilization. If needed, we optimize, monitor and manage it.
Contact us for pricing

We set up and run Djuno manager nodes and your private PaaS on our infrastructure.
Contact us for pricing

Install Djuno on your own infrastructure and manage it yourself.
Free, forever, no fine print. Contact us to get a Docker image.

A rough estimate per month or per year would be very helpful.