Navigate cloud prices with confidence

Cloud pricing is opaque. Compass brings transparency by calculating cloud value for money index across all providers

Search freely all VMs from 25+ providers

Djuno search engine gives you the freedom to browse the best VM offers from more than 25 providers globally

Our AI reduces both costs and risks of your cloud

Sowa, Djuno AI, detects seasonalities, predicts future utilization, optimizes demand and eliminates config and software inefficiencies

Djuno your cloud to minimize costs and risks

Djuno offers products and services that help minimize both costs and risks of your cloud

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Why Djuno?

We’re cloud agnostic and objective. We work for our clients, not cloud proviers. We offer market leading data privacy and security. Our clients own and control all the data.
Always on AI
Sowa, our AI, is always on in the background to optimize your cloud costs, performance and availability.
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Always on cloud
Always on cloud backup, near-instant recovery of services, configs and stated. Seamless migration between clouds.
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Fast ROI
Our clients save 30% or more on cloud bills every month and see a positive ROI in the next billing cycle
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Manage multi cloud solutions more confidently
Business requirements and prices of cloud services change quickly. Let Djuno crunch all the data and give you more confidence when navigating complex multi-cloud environments.

Our apps and solutions

Djuno search engine
The largest cloud offers search engine. Freely browse VM prices from 25+ providers globally.
Tech Archetype Orchestration. PaaS in a box. Seamless migration between clouds.
Djuno AI layer. Simulates, predicts, detects anomalies. Interprets and produces tips and actions.
Omni-cloud routing and packet management. Djuno hyper mesh connecting any cloud services and assets.
Live response time comparison between all the major cloud providers and locations.
Tracks the status of cloud providers’ infrastructure and answers questions like “Is my cloud down?”.
Stack AI
Recommends the technology, infrastructure and applications best for your business needs.
Backup and near-instant recovery of services, configs and states for your cloud.
Technical consulting, engineering, integration, cloud-native and hybrid architecture.
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Djuno Inc is headquartered in California and operates
globally from locations in San Diego, London, Zurich and Prague
Leadership team
We’re a team of seasoned business and IT professionals
with deep experience in machine learning and cloud computing.
Moe Sayadi
Ela Soltani
Max Atanassov
Scott Carlson
Security Advisor
Ebrahim Ansari
Technical Advisor
Jeremy Franzen
Cloud IT Adviser
Aydin Mohandesi
DevOps Engineer
Matt Shocklee
Deal Sourcing Adviser
Jason English
Market Strategy Adviser
David Masson
Data Science Adviser
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